A Hypercast website is a compliment to your primary website. It drives additional consumers to its pages that are specifically created to achieve your marketing goals.

Think of your primary website as your home. It’s where your core message, services, and brand messaging lives. You have promoted awareness of your primary website to encourage consumers to research your company and the services you offer. Your primary website is where all of your company information lives. Its design builds trust by providing your customers research, education, and information.

Visualize, if you will, that if your website was your biopic film, then Hypercasting is the movie trailer that entices your audience to buy a ticket. Since your target audience may have diverse demographic segments, Hypercasting allows you to create multiple trailers to appeal to each group. Most home page designs have been proven to be inefficient in addressing multiple calls to action.

A Hypercast website is design with a strong, focused call to action. The Hypercast website promotes an incentive that is for a limited time. Its pages are designed to collect a response from a prospective customer in your target demographic. The website creates a reward for submitting their information. Our studies have demonstrated that immediate gratification increases responses and leads.

Hypercast specialists will personalize the message through variable imagery so that every visitor feels that the site is directly talking to them. And the final and most important – we have a personalized, compelling video telling your story and directly to them. Your message is there – 24/7 – and ready to tell again and again.