Video engagement is a behavior driven mastery made possible through art and science. When done creatively, people are compelled to listen, watch and react. Scientifically, you can measure response success by tracking exactly when the video was turned off or played again.

Hypercasting tracks the keywords or actions that delivers a customer to the video message. Of those who watched it, Hypercasting data collection technology knows how many people completed the process by giving you their information for further contact.

Hypercasting clients are provided with detailed reports on who clicked through the Hypercasting message and went to your primary website to learn even more about you and your business proposition. Video, when executed cleverly and accurately, can double to triple your typical response and convergence ratios. It simply works when you know the right formula.

Hypercasting's success has not be established by chance or as a result of a hot new trend. Hypercasting is successful as a result of thousands of hours of testing, refinement, data analysis. Our systems are perfected to deliver outstanding ROI and unprecedented visibility for your brand.